"Put on some shoes, Jules", my mother said to me. I went to my room, to come back in my mother's highest heels. I just turned five.

During high school, I went looking for ways to get in touch with other fashion loving people. Next to that, I loved writing, styling outfits and photography. I started taking pictures of what I bought and how I wore them, and showcased them on an online fashion forum. It wasn't long until I wanted my own creative little space on the world wide web, and so I started a blog in 2009. A new -and massively addictive- hobby was born.

During the first half of 2013, I've been interning at Fashiolista H.Q. in Amsterdam, where I have gained quite some knowhow in the field of online media and setting up strategies. In March 2014, I graduated and got a bachelor's degree in fashion management. 

In the meantime, the blogosphere exploded and blogs became hugely popular overnight. Although I personally still see blogging as a hobby, -it's just what I love to do most-, this situation made it possible to take my blog to the next level. So after graduating, I went for a more professional approach for Style by Jules.

"Style by Jules is a personal fashion blog. You'll mainly find outfit posts, inspirational posts and tips & tricks about all things fashion. My style appears clean, feminine and always with a little edge. It doesn't take a huge wallet to create personal style. Wanna know what does? Read my blog and hopefully you'll find out!"