Silky and Draped

I am wearing my silky grey/cream blouse today, which has kind of a collar you can knot, like a scarf basically, but I decided to tuck it into my trousers and draping it a bit. What do you think? I won't be wearing this in the afternoon though, cause I have to travel for about 2,5 hours and I'd rather slip into something more comfortable then!

Blouse:Zara, Trousers: H&M Trend, Shoes: Café Moda


  1. Heel erg leuk! Las dat je op TMO zit, ik ook ;) in welk semester zit je?

  2. Erg mooi zeg! Je hebt echt een hele mooi stijl! Kan ik nog zeker wat van leren...X

  3. Is die van Zara nieuwe collectie?