Bags made out of straw, I love them. It gives me such a summer/beach feeling. And the time that they'd only looked good on your grandma is gone. You've got them in all kinds of models, but I like the simple, large shopper the most. You can check out an outfit with mine here. I think this clutch is very cute too, though. What do you think?

Shopper: Pieces, Clutch: Warehouse


  1. The one from Pieces is great! I really need a bag like that for the beach this summer :)

  2. i have a thing for straw bags too. I only have a small clutch and i found a really large shopper just the other day, surprisingly at ac moore craft store. It's a gorgeous orange blended with brown and only $9! I cant wait to wear it.

  3. the clutch is absolutely gorgeous!