The Button Swap pt. 2

When I saw this blazer in stores a couple of weeks ago, I especially liked the collar and the over all shape. I didn't really like the buttons, cause they had a really cold shiny plastic look. So, as I did before, I decided to put another pair on it and in my opinion it looks much better now. The fabric isn't great either, but for only 29,95, it was worth a shot ;)

p.s. I've activated a twitter account. It took a while for me to get convinced but here it is! I will use it for announcing updates for my blog and other blog- and fashion related news.
You can find the link at the sidebar on the right of my blog as well!

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  1. the color of your suit is wonderful! :D

  2. Love this blazer, I've got it too :)
    Xoxo Whitney

  3. super mooie jas en leuk dat de voering rose is!

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