Wishlist Spring 2012

Since the trains aren't going anywhere and so I am not going anywhere as well, I have a day to spend at home. What better to do during these winter days then making a wishlist for spring? Here's just a short list of pretty much just the basics that I would really like to have before the new season. 

1. Leather (look) jacket in a light colour. I've never really liked black for biker jackets for me, though some people wear it very well. Black is just not really my colour and so I opt for a mushroom kind of shade. Topshop.com
2. Earrings in, of course, orange! I like this colour for accessories a lot and so I would easily go for this pair as well. Newlook.com
3. A peplum top! This is a creation by the lovely Stella McCartney, I would probably go for a piece that is a little less expensive though, haha! 
4. A striped top in red instead of blue Netaporter.com
5. A basic silky tank top in a pastel colour. Netaporter.com
6. An embellished skirt with navajo print, Zara.com


  1. Leuk! Mooi rokje =)

    Ben helemaal blij met jouw eerste reactie op mijn blog haha. You made my day!

    x Madelon


  2. Dat rokje is zoooo ontzettend mooi