Hair: The Bun

Trying out something different with my hair: a bun! I am using that donut thingy which looks really weird but actually creates a nicely shaped style. I'm just not quite good at it it, so if you have any tips & tricks.. please share! :)

P.S. I'll be off to Berlin for the next three days to do some trend spotting & cool hunting! (School assignment) Really excited, will do a post about it when I get home!


  1. Heel veel plezier in Berlijn!!! Je haar zit leuk zo, handig zo'n donut ding!! XO Melissa

  2. Staat je goed! En veel plezier in Berlijn :)

  3. Hey, thank you for your comment, and ofcurse I wanna follow each other, I already follow you.

  4. You're so pretty :) Cute blog!

  5. Great! I think you have a beautiful hair, what products do you use?
    You looks really beautiful in this pic!

    xoxo from München
    La Vie Quotidienne

  6. It really suits you you've the perfect length of hair for this!

  7. Love the bun! I actually use that donut often for my job as flight attendant haha. It's quite easy, just make a ponytail, place the donut over the tail, fold your hair over it and place a rubber hair band over it, now fold the rest of the hair carefully around the bun and use bobby pins! Good luck!

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    xoxo lorena

  8. ziet er super leuk uit babe!
    staat je mooi
    heeeeel veel plezier in berlijn jaloers op je!

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  9. Dit staat je mooi! Veel plezier in Berlijn :)

  10. i loved you blog, yo look so stylish and elegant..i am following you, if you follow me too i will be so happy :))