New in: Denim Skirt

As I am kinda into denim these days, but already have enough shorts etc, I went looking for the perfect denim skirt. Found it on eBay (brand is Topshop), for only 0.99 pounds! Really pleased with it and I will soon show you an outfit. Gotta hurry now, need to catch the train! Going to do some apartment hunting with my boyfriend, exciting!


  1. Lovely skirt! It's simple but we still need basics in our closet! Thanks you so much for your comment on my blog ;) ! If you want there's 3 items totally made in FRANCE to win if you enter my give away ;) it's very simple!

    Much Love, ThePeppyMay

  2. Just like the Stella McCartney ones on netaporter... :) Love it, congrats on your purchase!!


  3. Love your new skirt!