Click, click

Ever since I saw the preview of  H&M's conscious collection, I've been hooked on the drawstring blouse. No surprise that, when it came online, I immediately clicked it home.
I would have bought the entire line probably, if I had the financial means. For now, I just went with the blouse and the bag, and I cannot wait until they arrive! For some reason, it always feels like it's my birthday when the mailman comes and brings me all kinds of packages. That is, of course, if I don't think of the fact that I actually spend quite some money on those ;)

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  1. Great bargains. I love the collection too but I always wait for the sale :)



  2. I want that bag too! The con. collection is already in Zuri, and next week I'll think my wallet is going to suffer a bit :)

    Thank you for wanting to support me and my blog, but I must say I don't see that you are following me either on GFC or Bloglovin, maybe there was something wrong with the connection while you were doing it ;) I am following you now so I hope you can check this :)