All I want for Christmas...

Honestly, I cannot wait for the Holidays to come. Nothing better than a cozy decorated Christmas tree, an endless stock of delicious food and a house full of friends and family. Of course, with Christmas come presents and so I selected a few things I would't mind finding under the tree, wrapped in cute paper with my name on it ;).

1. A new hat 
2. Some fancy soap
3. A woolen plaid scarf with fringe
4. My favorite scent
5. Lace triangle bra
6. Dainty necklace 
7. Candle holders
8. Perfect high-heeled chelsea boots
9. Chunky leather journal
10. Chanel nail polish  


  1. I literally love all of this, but that hat & scarf are beautiful!

  2. Supermooi! Zou zelf al deze dingen ook wel willen!
    Liefs, Ypie

  3. Mooie dingen op je wishlist!!