New In: Singoalla

Ah, the feeling when the doorbell rings and you know it's the mailman with a parcel, containing something you ordered the other day.. Nothing like it! I love shopping online and every time I open the door with a huge smile on my face when it arrives. Feels kinda like getting a present! Well, except from the fact that you actually paid for it yourself, of course.
This morning I received my new singoalla blouse, and I am very pleased with it. I really like adding a touch of boho chic to my look and I'm sure this piece will do just that. I will show you a full look with it, soon!


  1. That feeling is the best! Mooie blouse! :) En een leuk armbandje ook :)

    Marlies (

  2. I know what you mean i end up running to the front door like an excited child aha! love the blouse & the arrow bangle!