Simple and Pink

You might have noticed that I am posting a bit irregularly lately. This has to do with the fact that I've been having some trouble with Blogger, which makes my pictures really pixelated when I upload them. Has any of you been experiencing the same problems, and do you happen to know the trick to get it fixed?
Anyway, here's my outfit: simple, with my huge pink coat to keep me warm, since temperatures are dropping again. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Coat: H&M Trend
Shoes/Bag: Mango
Leather skirt: Mango


  1. Leuke outfit! Blijf die jas in die kleur zoooo mooi vinden, kan hem helaas zelf nergens vinden.. ;(

  2. you are so chic as always and love it your coat :)

  3. Wat een zalige jas! Wij gebruiken altijd Flickr om foto's in te laden via image url en dat werkt perfect :)
    Naomi, x