Alphabet Tag

The personal touch is one of the aspects of blogging that appeals to me most. That's why I've decided to come up with a personal post: 26 random facts about me, in alphabetical order. Here they come:

Animals. I really love animals and I always hate it when there's some terrible story about them in the news. It really just breaks my heart when people mistreat them.
Blogging. I started my blog back in 2010, after I had been blogging for a year on another blog. So I'm almost blogging for five years already, time flies! It still is one of the things I enjoy doing most.
Chocolate. Lots of it. Period.
Despicable me. Never in my life I laughed so hard about a movie before. It's so fluffy!
Eight, as in eight years. That's how long my boyfriend and I have been together now. We started as high school sweethearts and never got separated ever since. Cheesy but true!

Food. My friends always say that I am a happy camper as long as there's food involved. It's really not like I am eating all day, but I do enjoy a good meal.
Georges, my younger brother and my only sibling. Our parents gave us both French names.
Hard. It's much harder than I expected to fill in all these letters with random stuff about me! I never really think about it actually.
#Igers. I always thought it was the weirdest hashtag to use and I never realized what it meant until I discovered it stands for "instagrammers".
Jip, the name of one of my cats! If you want to see a picture of him, check out my Instagram. I do post occasional #catstagram pictures ;)

Knitwear. I have a soft spot for everything knitted, preferably oversized and heavy. I even have a special "knitwear" section in my wardrobe and it's completely stuffed.
Laughing out loud! Sometimes I just can't help but start laughing, in the most random moments. This happens a lot when my boyfriend helps me taking pictures for my blog. When he's standing behind the camera for example, I can't help but imagine him with weird hair or something. Hilarious!
Music, whenever I need to travel (doesn't matter if it's far or not) I always make sure I bring some earplugs. I listen to all kinds of music, from rock classics to hiphop. One of my favorite Dutch artists are The Opposites.
Night-robe. If it was me, it would be totally appropriate to walk in a night-robe all day every day. It's probably the softest and warmest piece in my wardrobe and therefore I love it much.
Outfits: See one of my earliest outfit posts on this blog here. Just promise me you won't laugh!

Pig. I really, really want a pet pig. Not a huge pig, but a cute mini pig. I'd name hime Kevin Bacon.
Quinoa. Never tried it, is it any good?
Running, I go for a run about three/four times a week. I love being outside and running just gives me lots of energy. I usually go in the mornings.
Sports in general. I used to practice tennis, volleybal and hockey as a kid.
Teun, short for Teunis, my boyfriend's name. I still think it's a funny name! And tulips, my favorite flowers.

Uni. I graduated back in March, yay! I got a bachelor's degree in Fashion & Business.
Vespa. I would love to have one of those old skool Vespa's. I think they're so cool!
Watching movies. I enjoy hanging on the couch in the evening and just watch a good movie. Some popcorn makes things even better.
XXII, my age in Roman ;)
Yoghurt. At first, I really disliked it but lately I kinda enjoy eating it. Especially some frozen yoghurt of course!
Zombi series and movies. For some reason, me and my bf love watching stupid zombi stuff. We're dedicated followers of the Walking Dead.


As I don't want to make this post completely about me, I would like to ask you to tell a bit about yourself in the comments below. You don't have to do the complete alphabet, just tell me something. Anything! Can't wait to get to know you a bit more.


  1. R like ruffles... I love your tutu! Gorgeous look and very nice post! I'm a new follower! ;)

    1. Thanks! I really like ruffles, too :)

      Jules x

  2. The whole outfit in this picture is so so lovely! <3

  3. I adore this picture. Your skirt is the perfect mix of tulle and ballet put together.
    I like Despicable Me movies too, Agnes...!

    xoxo, ♥

  4. lovely picture dear :D


  5. I would like to have a Vespa, too! it's the nicest moped i've ever seen in my whole life! <3

  6. So cuuute! I'm a sucker for animals too. Pretty sure I'm going to turn into a cat lady when I'm older. I should just prepare myself now.

  7. well done in coming up with so many things to write (alphabetically).
    where did you go to fashion& business? I have a friend who's starting that course- somewhere in Cali.
    Btw Quinoa- overrated.. not good-but I guess healthy..

    1. Thanks, some letters were quite hard actually, haha! I went to TMO, it's a uni in The Netherlands, where I live. How cool that your friend is starting a similar course over in Cali!