Shop my closet part deux

Since spring has arrived, I've been busy detoxing my wardrobe. As you might have already read in my previous outfit post, I try to be a bit more careful with what I buy and therefore I also need to be strict in what has to go and what can stay. Now that sounds much easier than it actually is. What can I say, I just like shopping ;)
Anyway, I ended up with yet another pile of stuff that needs to go, and I put it for sale on my Tictail shop. Most items are unworn or brand new with tags. Check it out!


  1. It's hard to be very reasonable when it comes to clothe. It's just our passion. There's reason why we have blog. I tried to clear my wardrobe as well few times, but to be honest I think there's still some cleaning to be done.

    xoxo Ra

  2. nice!

    See my new beauty post on


  3. Have the same problem, but every time I enter a shop I come out with bags full of new stuff I maybe didn't need hahah.
    Nice post, definitely going to check out your shop :)

    Much Love, M