DIY Project: Knitting a jumper

Since it's raining like crazy at the moment (actually, it has been pouring all weekend), I spent most of my time indoors. I was flicking through some Tumblr images, when I came across a picture of a couple of pretty knitted jumpers. It was love at first sight. That was it: I suddenly felt like knitting a jumper myself. So I went to the DIY store, bought some yarns and started knitting. I am planning on making an oversized, creamy jumper which I can already picture myself wearing with a nice pair of denim shorts during summer. Keep you posted!

Image via Ilovemrmittens


  1. the photo is so so beautiful ! knitting is very easy once you started ;) <3 xxxx happy sunday babe

  2. Lovely photo. I hope the jumper you'll knit will be as pretty as these :) Good luck! xx

  3. Ik vind zo'n zelfgebreide trui echt supermooi! Jammer dat ik er zelf niet zo'n held in ben

    X Sara

  4. great idea! do let us know the result! ciao

  5. Awesome! Which pattern did you pick?