6 x a high heel hero

As you might have noticed, I am a sucker for heels. I own quite a few and I love wearing them. Fact remains, heels are not the most comfortable shoes one can think of. With these tips the suffering hopefully gets limited.

[1] If possible, choose real leather
Real leather will adjust to the form of your feet, plastic and other manmade material won't. Result: painful feet. Yikes!

[2] When on the go: wear comfy shoes.
Of course, you want to look sharp for that meeting (wearing your new heels!). On the other hand, you don't want to stumble upon the room with sore feet. It's best to switch from flats to heels just before you arrive.

[3] Break your heels in
Before you start wearing your heels on the daily, make sure they are broken in well. Wear them around the house a few times. Maybe even do some household chores in heels. Turn on the music and go for it, this should be fun!

[4] Make sure they fit well
Never go for anything but the right size when shopping for new heels. Not even when your standing before the most beautiful pair you've ever came across, just not in your size. Always try them on and walk a few meters.

[5] Ointment
Put some ointment (Vaseline for example) on your feet, to prevent straps from cutting. Never apply too much though, as it might stain.

[6] Anti slip
Heels often have smooth soles with little grip. You might want to roughen them up a bit before you take them for a spin. Try (carefully!) rubbing a piece of sandpaper over your soles. This will provide a bit of texture and therefore more grip.

Do you have any great tips for wearing heels? Let me know in a comment below!

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  1. These heels are so gorgeous x

  2. Thos shoes are stunning, I want one just like that. Great tips, I always take flats unless I am carrying a clutch.


  3. I'm especially a fan of tip nr 2! ^^

    x Aurélie

  4. great tips! i think the most important one is to get the right size! though it seems quite obvious, i myself made thge mistake of buying heels too small or to big and ended up hurting my feet or slipping out and never worn them again. and i think when it comes to heels quality does matter, i've never owned a cheap versionfor a few euros that was comfortable (i'm not talking of sale finds^^)

    xo Melanie from The Fashion Menue

  5. great tips. amazing shoes

  6. couldn't agree more with you about leather! ouch!

  7. Love it!!
    My look today. Hope you like it!!

  8. love it! great tips! I absolutely agree with number 4! get a right size!
    Thankx for sharing

    katie xx ( www.katieleemonde.com)

  9. I am not a frequent heel wearer but these tips help for when you simply have to wear them! xx


  10. OMG!!! Those shoes!!! Just drooled all over my computer! lol!
    mwah mwah
    xo Beckerman Girls

  11. What a great shoes!!! :D

    www.paseandoamissreichel.com - New new post <3

  12. Great tips!! :)


  13. It's because of this vile habit of choosing shoes by their looks I ended up having only 3 good wearable pairs of shoes at the moment. And I'm not even talking only about heels! I can't imagine shopping for shoes online - it's so tricky with sizes :(