5 x how to rock your summer look this fall

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Transitional weather can be quite a pain in the butt. Trust me, with the pre-autumnal weather we're currently experiencing in the Netherlands, I know all about it. There are a few tricks to keep on wearing your summer looks though.

[1.] Layering
Layering is key if you want to be able to still wear that dress. You can throw over almost anything, from a coat to a sweater. If you'd like an example of the last one, have a look at how I styled my summer dress on a colder day here.
You don't always have to throw something over though. Try wearing something beneath, such as a shirt under a strapless (bustier) dress or top.

[2.] Keep on croppin'
Want to be able to wear your crop top even in fall? It's possible. Mix it with high waisted pants or a skirt, so that you're not showing your whole tummy but just a flare. Still too cold? Layer it up!

[3]. Sneakers
Don't feel like wearing boots yet? Grab a pair of sneakers. I just got myself a new pair, which will be perfect for autumn. I intentionally wanted to buy new All Stars, but since they're made of fabric, I decided to buy a pair of leather sneakers instead. Leather is of course much more fall resistent.
When it's not yet too cold, you could wear your sneakers with a cute summer dress for a cool contrast.

[4.] Wear a dress over your pants
I know, this might sound horrible, but do try it out. I'm sure you'll find a combination that you love. For example, I have this longline button down shirtdress, which looks really nice worn open over a pair of jeans together with a knit. For inspiration, type in 'dress over pants' or something similar on Pinterest.

[5.] Bring out the (faux!) fur
Who says you can't wear a faux fur jacket with summery styles? I love wearing my fluffy jackets with denim shorts for example. Pair it with some ankle boots and you'll have a perfect transitional outfit.  Just look at them as the new cardigans!

Tell me, how do you transition your look into fall? 


  1. I think the clue for a transition look is the layering and to start combining summer with fall pieces. Thanks for sharing! xx-Ari

  2. thanks for the tips!

    It's still warm and humid in Turkey, but I will go for leather pencil skirt, cropped top and cardi when it gets cooler here.



  3. Leuk artikel :). Mijn outfits zijn full on herfst op dit moment; nep leren broek, fluffy vest en enkellaarsjes haha!