My must have accessories this fall

Over the past years I've come to learn that adjusting your wardrobe to a new season is not just about clothes and shoes, accessories are just as important. In fact, if you choose well, it might even save you some cash. Feel like you've got nothing to wear? Instead of hopping behind your laptop clicking home new clothes (I know, it's just too easy!), you could try and make new combinations by adding accessories. These are some of my favorites this fall:

[1.] Hat
A woolen fedora is not only very stylish, it actually protects your head against cold. Only problem here in the Netherlands is the wind, which will blow it right off if you're not careful.

[2.] Checked scarf
Whenever I don't feel like wearing coats yet, I often go for a big, oversized scarf. I'm currently on the hunt for a scarf with a cozy plaid pattern.

[3.] Cross body bag
My quilted cross body bag is pretty much glued to my shoulder. I take it with me whenever I can. Would love to add another one, so I can vary a bit more.

[4.] Sunglasses
Come rain or shine, sunnies do just fine! I wouldn't really wear them when it's pouring of course, but a pair of shades can always brighten up your outfit, no matter what season it is.

[5.] Lipstick & nail polish in a darker tone
A basic outfit can easily be upgraded by adding a pretty lip- or nail color. For fall I'm really in to dark(er) red shades.

[6.] Dainty jewelry
I especially like tiny necklaces and stacked little rings. I am not much of a "bling bling" kinda girl, but adding some subtle jewelry can work miracles on some outfits.

What are your favorite accessories? 


  1. Mag ik ook nieuwe accessoires EN nieuwe kleding? ;)

    1. Haha, natuurlijk! Dat willen we allemaal wel :)

  2. What a beautiful photo, you also mentioned most of my must-haves :)

  3. I agree! I need a good plaid scarf as well. It's been on my list for a while and I haven't found one yet. I also love my cross body and dark nail polish! I love adding statement necklaces, or cute headbands with my outfits too.

  4. Ik ben het helemaal eens met je lijstje! En ik heb trouwens best een mooie grote geruite sjaal gevonden bij Esprit! Hij dient 's avonds zelfs voor dekentje, haha.
    Helaas zie ik 'm niet staan op de site, maar ik weet wel dat het filiaal in Amersfoort het verkoopt. Ik vind 'm echt super fijn en erg warm!

    1. Oh, dat klinkt perfect! Esprit heeft sowieso leuke items in de collectie de laatste tijd, vind ik! x

  5. Een perfect lijstje en super mooie foto!

  6. I have the hat I just need the scarf.

  7. Stunning dress!

  8. Loving your fall selections, will remember for when it's fall here again! xo

  9. Leuk artikel! En je hebt echt een leuke jurk aan :)
    Liefs Anouk van