Ways to spice up any outfit

Image (top right) via Pinterest

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about simple and easy outfits and I think there's nothing wrong with wearing just a t-shirt, jeans and some good old sneakers. It can be fun though to add just a little twist, which immediately gives your outfit more personality. Here are a few tricks:

[1.] accessories
Accessories can help you achieving a completely different look. You could add a hat to your jeans+tee+sneakers outfit for example, and you'll immediately get a boho chic touch. A belt can work very well too. If you like wearing oversized and / or longline shirts, try adding a belt. Cinch in your waist or wear it on the hips: endless possibilities here.

[2.] color
If you like wearing as little color as possible, it might be fun to try and step out of your comfort zone and opt for a bright shade. It could be in the tiniest of details: wear a colored bracelet for example. Or, if you dare: a (clutch) bag in a contrasting color. Also, the colors don't have to be bright at all. There are lots of pretty, muted shades out there. I'm a fan!

[3.] a jacket
With so many different and cool jackets available at the moment ( think bomber-, biker-, blazer, faux fur- etc.) it's almost hard to avoid them. It can be really nice to throw a jacket over your simple look every now and then, it will totally spice things up, especially when you vary the styles.

[4.] confidence
Cheesy but true: confidence always works. If you haven't read my previous blogpost about this, now might be the time. But seriously, nothing will look as good or as you as a healthy dose of confidence. Dare to rock your (simple) outfit!

Tell me, what do you do to spice up your outfit? Any tips & tricks?


  1. Awesome tips, I love the simplicity of this outfit. I agree with all points, yes to confidence and more colour.

    Princess Audu

  2. Awesome outfit! I love the jacket:)


  3. OMG awesome tips! :) LOVE!