10 x typical blogger problems

I occasionally encounter problems that probably only bloggers would have. Stupid little things, that you may recognize if you have a blog yourself. Quickly hit the 'read more' button to read 10 of 'em!

[1.] Taking pictures in public stays awkward in a way. No matter how many times you did it before.

[2.] The lack of daylight, which is starting to set in as we speak. Because you simply cannot get any good photos when it's too dark.

[3.] You've just edited all of your pictures, arranged and uploaded them and then... You keep typing- and erasing. Writer's block, BIG time.

[4.] Moving all of your furniture because you REALLY want to take some pictures with that brick white wall in your living room as a backdrop.

[5.] Changing in the car because you need to shoot multiple outfits in just half an hour.

[6.] The bastard called Coding. You think you've mastered it, and then you notice that your pin button shows up next to your photos instead of in it. How is that even possible?

[7.] Picking one good close-up out of all the 50 photos you have. One that doesn't show that label peeking out from your shirt.

[8.] Internet down = panic.

[9.] When your newest post doesn't have any comments after a couple of hours. *Keeps refreshing browser.* This doesn't feel right.

[10.] Your hair and outfit look perfect and you're good to shoot some photos. As soon as you've set foot outside, you look more like Cousin It having a bad hair day. Thanks, friggin' wind.

Do you recognize any of these points? What else would you add? Let me know in a comment below! :)


  1. HAHAHAHHA, I love this post, I think I suffer each one of your points, so true!!! HAHAHA :D


    1. Great to know that I am not alone in this ;) xx

  2. Haha zo leuk dit! Vooral dat puntje over daglicht nu, help!

    xoxo Iris
    A Dash Of Fash

  3. HAHA super leuk om te lezen! Het is allemaa zoo herkenbaar! Vooral 1 & 9! Haha liefs

  4. So relatable! x http://mividabonitaa.blogspot.nl

  5. I can totally relate LOL!!! Made me laugh! Thank you I needed that :)

  6. Hahaha, zo leuk geschreven en herkenbaar! Mijn haar heeft soms van die dagen dat het zodra ik 1 teen buiten zit al niet meer zit en dan neem ik m'n haarborstel mee, haha! En ik heb ook heel vaak dat ik al m'n foto's geüpload heb en dat er dan 1 opeens heel blauw uitziet in de post preview, maar dat komt door Blogger. Ook heel frustrerend, haha!

  7. ha all of these points are my life! Especially number three, sometimes I'll have the post all ready to go and spend hours just staring at that pictures thinking what in the hell am I suppose to write about this? My biggest blogger problem is when I'm out taking pictures and I'm thinking "yeah these are gonna look so good!" and then you get home and you look at the pictures and your like, "wait, this isn't cute".

    1. Yep, that's me! Especially the last point, Kacie! Gotta work on this... ;-)
      Totally agree with you, Jules, from no.1 to no. 10!


  8. it's so true , my god ! Your post is too funny! Living my life as a blogger ! yeah

  9. Haha ik hou van deze post!
    Liefs Anouk