5 x how to wear your pencil skirt when it gets colder

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When I woke up this morning and checked my blog stats and comments, I saw that someone asked me how I'd wear my pencil skirts when the weather wouldn't allow bare legs anymore. I'm currently still wearing my skirts with oversized (lightweight) jumpers and open sandals, but as temperatures will eventually drop, I can't keep wearing them like this much longer. That question kept floating around in my head and pick my brain, and I knew it would only stop the moment I'd start writing a post about it. I came up with these quick and easy tips:

[1.] Tights
Obvious, maybe. But the first thing that I thought of was wearing (opaque) tights. Black, nude, with a pattern or even a bright color: pick a pair you feel most comfortable in.

[2.] Longer lengths
Go for a pencil skirt with a length below the knee, so that most of your leg is covered in fabric. Two reasons: keeps your legs warm ánd anything with a midi length is bang on trend. If you want to have more flexibility, then opt for a pencil skirt with knee-length.

[3.] Pick the right fabrics
Lightweight cotton, polyester or viscose isn't gonna help you out when it gets chilly. Go for heavy and warm fabrics instead, such as wool, denim or leather.

[4.] Boots
Instead of wearing your pencil skirt with open heels, wear it with boots. A pair of leather ankle boots for example, or try adding a pair of high boots for a super chic look. Lots of options to play with!

[5.] Chunky knitwear
My favorite: mixing a sleek pencil skirt with a super chunky knit. With a cable pattern for example, to really give it a cozy winter feel.

Hope this helps! How would you wear your pencil skirt when it's cold outside?


  1. Great tips, these would make some wonderful statement outfits x http://mividabonitaa.blogspot.nl

  2. Leuke post! Ik draag mijn kokerrokken ook gewoon nog in de herfst en winter inderdaad met een panty en een trui! :)

    1. Thanks Sonja! Ze staan jou ook altijd zo goed :) x

  3. I'm so in love with the style of the pics!!! love the maxi pull in the left and the leather skirt in the right!
    SO FAB!!!

  4. Topper! Inspiratie genoeg voor mij om mee aan de slag te gaan! Dankjewel Jules ;)

  5. This pretty much sums up how I dress in the winter. Tights tight tights.

    Style by Joules

    1. Me too, although they're not my favorite thing to wear, can't live without them! x

  6. today i will wear my leather skirt combined with a cashmere Sweater and ankle boots - have a look on my blog tomorrow :)

  7. Excellent tips! Can't wait to start trying them out. xo


  8. great tips, thanks so much! can't wait to get my skirt back on :)
    xo, cheyenne