How to wear plaid: 5 x unexpected combos that work

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Though you can never really go wrong with a plaid scarf and a leather jacket, there are many more ways to mix and match this pattern of the season. Read more if you're ready to step up your plaid game!

[1.] Plaid, Plaid double Plaid
Mixing two different plaid patterns together may sound a bit over the top, but it doesn't have to be if you don't want to. It can be as simple as wearing a scarf with two different sides, as the one in the picture above. Whenever you opt for multiple plaid, keep the rest of your outfit clean.

[2.] Plaid + Leopard
A bold ensemble, which can easily create a very loud look. If you want to go for a more subtle version, you could try to use a muted color scheme. I posted a similar look here.

[3.] Suit up
This is one of the coolest plaid looks in my opinion: the suit. I personally really love the outfit in the collage below, the suit and printed sunnies look great together.  To keep people's eyes from hurting when they look at you, add a basic shirt or tee.

[4.] Plaid + Plastic
A personal favorite: mixing plaid with plastic details, such as perspex heels. I did the same here.

[5.] Plaid + Sporty
An oversized plaid coat with a pair of fresh kicks, or plaid trousers mixed with a sporty sweater: the possibilities are endless. Mix and match to find out what works for you!

How do you wear plaid?


  1. Usually I wear it as a statement piece with leather jackets, coats and denim, love the first look of it at this point.
    Clever tips! ;-)


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  3. Love all these choises!

  4. Great suggestions. I like the plaid and leopard idea--I may have to try that!

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