Monday Inspiration

Images via Pinterest

It's definitely getting colder by now, and that makes me want to get cozy. Reading my favorite magazines wrapped in a soft blanket while sipping tea, finally being able to start wearing my wintercoats and boots ... Perhaps it is not that bad after all. At the same time, I really feel the urge to travel. Discover a new place and soak up some energy. I'm thinking a city trip. Not sure yet where to, though! Have you got any recommendations? 


  1. Hello Jules!

    I want to ask you about the cigarette trousers from Missguided. I really love them but I'm afraid they are so width for my legs. I love how they look in your figure but I saw other bloggers with them and they are a little bit width. Did you fix them with a sewing machine? or maybe you just chose the right size.

    Thank you very much, I love your style!

    1. Hi Valva! I didn't fix them and I went for my own size. I think Missguided always runs a bit small! Hope this helps. Thank you for your compliment! :)

      Jules x

  2. Loving your monday inspiration! Found that drawing of the map of the world some time ago and think it's just perfect :)