My Pinterest Favorites

Since I started using Pinterest a little while ago, I am hooked. I love using it for inspiration, and I noticed that there are a couple of Pinterest accounts I keep coming back to. Below you'll find my current favorites, in random order: 

[1.] Oracle Fox
A bunch of incredible photographs mixed with effortless chic style. Her traveling pictures make me want to book a holiday. Right. Now.

[2.] They All Hate Us
A perfect ensemble of the most beautiful outfit details, with a slight bohemian feel. The personal styles of Aussie ladies Tash and Elle are great, too.

[3.] Hey Mercedes
This account by graphic designer and Illustrator Mercedes is full of awesome images. With almost 3 million followers (!!) and 55 boards, she's a real Pinterest girl boss.

[4.] Sturbock
Sturbock brings us a lot of beautiful, minimalist outfits. Here's the best part: Every outfit is linked to similar styles which can be shopped directly by clicking on the image. This way it's possible to immediately translate inspiration in to your wardrobe. Better hide your creditcard beforehand ;)

What are your Pinterest faves? Do you have Pinterest yourself? Let me know, I'll gladly take a look!

[First image by Oracle Fox]


  1. Love all these pics! The Boob pocket tee is hilarious!

  2. I love this pictures!


  3. inspiring and so fabulous pins! :))

    xoxo, rae

  4. Beautiful pictures!

  5. Prachtige foto's allemaal! Pinterest is zo leuk he! :)

  6. Oracle Fox is ook zoooo'n geniale blog. My god, ik wil haar leven. Maar dat terzijde. Ik ben met Pinterest begonnen ( om zelf makkelijk plaatjes te bewaren, maar post er nu ook mijn mooiste blogfoto's. Erg leuk om te zien als dat gerepind wordt, haha!

  7. I love all of these!