10 x fashion rules I love to break

When it comes to fashion, rules were meant to be broken. Nobody ever really knows who even made these rules, they're just a bunch of style myths. Besides, if fashion was restricted to rules, we would never be able to do something unexpected and probably look merely the same as everyone else. Fashion would be boring. Quelle horreur! 

These are my favorite rules to break:

[1.] Gold and silver can't be mixed together
Lately, I've been really into mixing jewelry, especially tiny rings or dainty necklaces.

[2.] Black and navy clash
I wear it all the time, in the picture above I paired a navy dress with a black bag.

[3.] No peep toes with stockings
It's obviously not gonna keep you nice and warm, but a peep toe in winter worn with stockings can sometimes look really nice. I just bought a pair which are quite appropriate to wear during fall and winter, because of the materials and colors used. I'll show them to you soon!

[4.] No white in winter
A fuzzy creamy white jumper or jacket? Hell yes! White can totally be worn in winter and give your look a cozy touch. Just make sure you opt for the right fabrics.

[5.] A bra can't be visible
I love a bit of bra flashing now and then, as long as it doesn't look trashy.

[6.] Faux fur looks cheap
I would never wear real fur, no matter how "rich" it looks. Cheap faux fur for the win!

[7.] Oversized on oversized makes you look bigger
Wrong! Sometimes oversized outfits can even make you look slimmer, when worn right.

[8.] A bag should match your shoes

[9.] No mixing prints
We've all seen how awesome print mixing can be, as it was a huge trend during summer.

[10.] Horizontal stripes make you look bigger
Wrong again! If you really do feel like they make you bigger, add a jacket so that the striped area is reduced.

What fashion rule do you love to break?


  1. Hele leuke post en ik ben het met allemaal wel eens, alhoewel ik sommige zelf niet doe. Ik vind het bij anderen heel tof als ik zie dat ze bijvoorbeeld goud met zilver mengen, maar als ik het probeer vind ik het dan toch tegenvallen, haha! En faux fur vind ik absoluut niet cheap! Ik heb een faux fur sjaaltje en die vind ik zelf echt super chique staan juist! En print mixes vind ik ook heel leuk!

    1. Het blijft natuurlijk altijd een kwestie van smaak! x

  2. Perfect look and bag!


  3. I love this! I tend to break a lot of these rules as well. Fashion is all about expressing yourself, rules don't apply to that! hahaha x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

  4. Great article, I believe that rules are there to be broken!

  5. Wat een leuk artikel :)
    Klopt helemaal.
    Liefs Anouk