5 reasons to wear a jumpsuit to that holiday party

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Move over sequined dress! Here's why you should try out wearing a jumpsuit to party in this holiday season.

[1.] A jumpsuit makes getting dressed twice as easy
We all know how stressful it can be to get ready for a party. Anything time saving would be more than welcome, and with a jumpsuit you don't have to spend any extra minutes (or rather: hours) breaking your head over non-matching items or other problems that always seem to pop up whenever you're short on time.

[2.]  It keeps you warm(-ish)
If you choose for a full-length jumpsuit, your legs will be covered, which will probably keep you warmer than a dress would. Don't expect them to be snow proof though ;)

[3.] You'll be more likely to stand out from the crowd
Most women opt for an LBD or a sequined dress for parties during the holiday season. Both can look very pretty of course, but they're not very original. If you're looking for something a bit different this year, a jumpsuit would be a great option.

[4.] Bust a move!
You never know what the night may bring, so you'll best be prepared. You don't have to smile at all the party people from the sideline, only subtly moving to the music because you can't actually dance in your dress. No, in a jumpsuit you'll be right in the middle showing some serious moves.

[5.] Versatility
A jumpsuit is perfect for both work and play. Plus, styling options are pretty much limitless. It works in a laid-back, slightly masculine ensemble, but a jumpsuit can look super feminine too.

See my latest outfit with a jumpsuit here!

What do you think about jumpsuits? 


  1. Ik ben ook al aan het kijken geweest voor een jumpsuit, dat geschikt is voor de feesten. Hopelijk vind ik er nog één want ik vind dat echt een heel coole look! Alleen naar het toilet gaan, da's wat minder ;)

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

    1. Haha, daar heb je zeker een punt! Succes met de zoektocht :) x

  2. Nice outfits!


  3. Stunning post and pictures!