How to dress down sequins

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With December kicking in, the holiday (and thus the sequin-) season has officially opened. Of course, an all-out sparkly outfit can be fun to wear to a party, but sometimes you might want to lay low a bit and make your look more suitable to wear during daytime. Therefore, I rounded up a couple of tips & tricks to dress those glitters down.

[1.] Pick only one sparkly item at a time
Make sure to pick just one item that stands out, and keep the rest of your outfit a bit more basic.

[2.] Pair sequins with a heavy fabric like wool
Woolen fabrics have the tendency to look cozy and comfortable, which is like the complete opposite of (most) sequined items. It creates an interesting contrast and dresses down your look instantly.

[3.] Avoid mixing different colors
Different colors in combination with sequins can easily become too much. You don't want people to hurt their eyes when looking at you ;) Especially if you choose to wear multiple sparkly items, try to keep them in the same color (-scheme).

[4.] Keep your accessory game to a minimum
Sequins are usually loud enough as it is, so you probably don't need much extra bling. I'd recommend keeping your accessories to a minimum, go for dainty jewelry instead of statement pieces.

[5.] Add a sporty vibe
I think it can be really cool to mix items that have kind of a sporty vibe with sequins. Try wearing your sequined trousers with a pair of (Converse) sneakers for example, or wear it with a sporty sweater. Succes guaranteed!

Do you wear sequins during daytime?


  1. Aah, heel tof idee! De eerste en laatste combi vind ik heel gaaf!

  2. love this, I need to get myself a pair of sequin bottoms! :)

  3. Perfect for the holidays! x

  4. I love sequins! But I do stick to wearing them at parties.

  5. This makes me want sequins