Monday Inspiration

Images via Pinterest
Excusez-moi for being a little MIA on my social channels and my blog for the last couple of days. Me and my boyfriend both have been quite busy, which resulted in opposite schedules and not nearly enough time to take all of the outfit photos I had been planning on. And then we have this weather issue, it seems like it just won't stop raining. So annoying when you can't work out all of the ideas you have in mind! 
There is some good news though: We finally managed to get ourselves a new apartment! I am so thrilled about that, because we've been looking for ages and we just didn't have any luck up til now. We'll get the keys very soon and I cannot wait to start decorating the place, I will keep you guys posted on that :)

Let's make it a great week!


  1. Nice post!

  2. Loveee that image of the bedroom! Great moodboard :)

  3. Very inspirational!<3

  4. Beautiful inspiration x

  5. Hi
    My name is KatrĂ­n and I'm currently taking my Bachelor in Design and Business in Denmark. For my thesis I'm researching how fashion bloggers influence purchase decisions. It would mean a lot if you could answer these questions for me.

    1. That's really cool, I did a similar research for my Bachelor's thesis! Of course I'll fill it in for you. Good luck! x

  6. I love the Christmas tree made out of photos! So creative :)