The coziest holiday knitwear

Next to dipping yourself in festive glitters and sequins, the holiday season is the time to wear cozy knits. Anything with cables, fair isle and intarsia patterns, snowflakes or even a slightly tacky red-nosed reindeer would do perfectly.
Although I am not really in to the last category, I do like myself some oversized knitwear to snuggle up in. The knits in the picture above are three of my current favorites. The one on top is from VILA, the one in the middle is from VILA too and the red cardigan is from H&M Trend.
Here's a little selections of cozy items I'd love to add to my personal collection (because let's be honest: one can never have too many knits ;):

1. Nelly fluffy cardigan / 2. Glamorous cable knit / 3. By Malene Birger mohair turtle neck / 4. Line navy cable knit / 5. Mint&Berry cream jumper / 6. VILA loop knit


  1. I always find myself and agree hundred percent with what you write in your posts! From fashion rules (and how to break them) to glitter, cozy knits, holiday gift guides.... You're my fashion soulmate! :)

  2. Aw that's really so nice to hear! Thanks :) x

  3. So pretty! I love your pictures :) <3

  4. These are wonderful!! :) Cozy knits are the best part of winter.

  5. OH these are great!! Want them all :D

  6. Verrrry nice!!!

    xxx Linsey from

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  7. Lovely Blogpost! Love it!
    Have a nice friday.
    xx, nissi