5 x creative workspace inspiration

As a blogger, I inevitably spend a lot of time behind a desk. So, I might as well make it a stylish and creative place, non?

Images of (home) offices and stationary have been piling up on my computer's "inspiration / interior" folder lately. One of the things I find majorly important is that my desk appears organized at all times. It can be a mess, as long as it's an organized one. It can drive me absolutely mad if I need something that seems to be vaporized, and is nowhere to be found. That's why I usually only try to leave the necessities (this is where things usually go south, I mean, chocolates are a necessity too, right?) on my desk, and move all the rest to drawers etc. Tell me, what is your desk policy?

Images via Pinterest


  1. I love the cool, clean work spaces. Sadly, mine is as chaotic as it can be. The opposite of what I like. LOL