What I wore in 2014

As a blogger, one of the most fun things to do by the end of a year is rounding up what you previously wore. It immediately shows if and how your style has changed. I think my style has stayed pretty much the same over 2014, I would wear most of the outfits again. All of them have kind of a feminine feel, but always with some sort of edge or twist. And it's pretty clear what my all-time favorite wardrobe staple is: the striped tee ;) Can't ever have enough of those.
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1. January 2014

2. February 2014

3. March 2014

4. April 2014

5. May 2014

6. June 2014

7. July 2014

8. August 2014

9. September 2014

10. October 2014

11. November 2014

The first two photos of this post are from December 2014.

Do you have a favorite? 


  1. Zonder twijfel je eerste outfit uit de maand Mei. Staat je zo ontzettend goed! Maar hé, ook in de andere maanden zag je er uit om door een ringetje te halen hoor. =D

  2. Die eerste van mei! Oh em gee, die rok is geweldig en alhoewel ik die nooit zou combineren met knalgeel, ziet het er echt fantastisch uit!! Super fab!

  3. I love your April, May and June outfits the most but all of them are amazing.

    Princess Audu

  4. They're all gorgeous! x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

  5. I love your style, its very on point! You rock the boyfriend jeans so well, and I love your March, April and October outfits. Amazing stuff!

    Oana C

  6. How cool! I wish you a merry Christmas!

  7. Great inspiration, I love your style!! It's chic and with clean lines. And most important, very wearable :)
    xx, Marta


  8. prachtige outfits. :)
    xo, cheyenne